Take one of our ILM accredited coaching
and mentoring courses.

Highly interactive, fun and targeted to develop your coaching/mentoring potential, these events help you to develop a broad range of skills so that you can support others to make a massive shift in their lives and develop their careers.


Want to make a difference in your own or someone else’s life?

  • Individual, professional coaching and support
  • Performance and life coaching training
  • Work based mentoring skills training
  • Extended Disc personality profiling for individuals and teams

Our client sectors include:

  • Energy and utilities – oil, gas, electricity and water
  • Government departments, ministries and agencies
  • Construction and maintenance
  • Healthcare
  • Recruitment
  • Education – universities and international schools
  • Communications and telecoms

Focused, insightful and motivating – that’s what you get with Broadlands Coaching

If you feel there is something missing but can’t quite place your finger on it, you need a coaching programme that goes beyond standard ‘motivation rhetoric’. When you’re looking for that extra spark and the tools to excel, Broadlands Coaching empowers you to realise your own potential. What’s different is that we are committed to ongoing growth, not just short term conversations.

Want to develop your skills?

In addition to being coached, develop your own skills as a leader/manager.  Take one of our courses in coaching, mentoring or a combination.  Our accredited ILM courses are delivered through face to face workshops, and blended learning, where you can combine some time with a personal tutor, with self study – all at hours and times to suit your busy schedule.

Need a coach for you/your organisation?

Good coaching is not about the coach solving the client’s problems – it’s about helping the individual to find the answers that are already there inside them, and this can be an incredibly powerful and positive experience.

Our style of coaching is based on self discovery, awareness and choice – all geared towards improving performance, attaining goals or achieving results. We empower people to find their own answers, with support and encouragement along the way as they continue to make important choices in their lives. Above all, we respect our clients; we are open with them and always speak the truth.

We know that every coaching client wants something different, and they want things to be different in their lives – that’s why they come to us. The result – enthused, motivated people who have found their spark and are eager to start changing things for the better.

Need to accelerate the process of skills transfer within your company?

Our workplace training and mentoring programmes help you to unlock the potential in your workforce.   These workshops are delivered on an in-company basis.  They help your experienced and qualified people to become effective mentors and trainers, underlining your commitment to developing your people.

We are always close at hand. Contact us today to discuss your needs:

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